Brown Institute Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Grappling is the most primal and ancient of all martial arts. All cultures and tribes have developed different wrestling systems. Learning how to defend yourself in the close proximity of a pin, throw or submission hold is paramount. Most fighting ends on the ground. Having a repertoire or trained responses can save your life. Brazilian Jujitsu/submission wrestling has taken the science of combative leverage to new heights, thus utilizing your opponent's energy and strength against them. Our techniques allow you to escape and overcome a much larger opponent. By wrestling against an unwilling opponent you can test your techniques at the highest level. Jiu jitsu and wrestling practioners back this fantastic system not only with intense Jujitsu competition but with (NHB) no rules competition. Throwing, tackles and take downs, position, escapes, reversals and submission techniques are all part of this combative grappling art. Submission wrestling is also one of the most demanding workouts that will develop a wide range of physical attributes. Sensei brown is ranked and accredited under Professor Renzo Gracie and the Brown Institute is proud to represent Renzo Gracie Jujitsu.Join us on our path to grappling mastery.

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