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Brown Institute of Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brown Institute of Martial Arts Martial arts in Centerville

The Brown Institute has been serving our community since 1991. Giving our students the best in self defense, traditional martial arts and combat sports! Real self defense skills to protect yourself and your family. Martial arts provides one of the very best workouts to get you in shape while learning to protect yourself!
We offer over 40 classes a week in five systems giving you the tools you need for all skill ranges and scenario’s. Our proven children’s program develops self confidence, mental focus and athleticism. If you or your family would like try our classes, please contact us for a free no obligation trial class.



  • Brown Institute
  • 912 E Franklin Street
  • Dayton, Ohio 45459-5637
  • 937-435-5500
  • Email Us | Directions