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Brown Institute Kali-Escrima

Brown Institute Kali-Escrima


In the culturally rich Philippines, fighting arts have always been an integral part of every day life. The Philippines is in a unique geographical location, thus having influence from many tribes of Asia. Long associated with lightning fast weapon applications, Kali, is a complete system of fighting, including empty hand impacting and grappling concepts. Kali is a system that demands creative and spontaneous expression. The techniques forge a path to your self-development. Interpretation and modification is encouraged within the set technical standards. A history of hand to hand warfare among internal and external invaders helped develop a full spectrum of fighting methods. The lack of heavy metal armor helped in developing incredible "touch sensitivity" for all armed and unarmed applications. Guru Brown is ranked and licensed under Guro Dan Inosanto, Punong Guro Edgar Sulite and is a member of Dog Brothers Martial Arts under Guro Mark Denny. Guro Brown been studying Kali since 1985. Guru Brown continues to study and expand our curriculum. Kali — a tradition of warriors, a path to your excellence!


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