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Brown Institute ICS-Integrated Combative System

Brown Institute ICS-Integrated Combative System

ICS - Integrated Combative System

I.C.S. is truly a mixed martial art. It's a progressive and modern integratation of modern combat sports, traditional arts and high level Self defense arts. Combative sports systems of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu are an integral part of I.C.S. The powerful impacting and clinch work of Muay Thai develops awsome striking skills and athleticism. Grappling, throwing, takedowns, escapes, reversals and submission locks are explored through both Japanese and Brazilian jujitsu. By training and sparring these systems you develop many incredible skills. Traditional training methods of chinese/okinawan Kempo, Bando and Kung fu allows you to tap into a tradition that dates back thousands of years. Ancient warriors and monks used these arts to develop awsome physical and mental attributes. Proper form and movement develops mind body connection (mental focus) coordination, strength, flexibility and stamina. Our Complete integration of high level combative arts into the system gives us some very real Self defense skills. Combative systems are styles of martial arts that are used by military and law enforcement. Close quarter skill from Indonesian silat, weaponry from Filipino Kali and control tactics from combative Jujitsu develops a wide rang combative responses. Furthermore, we explore the mental training necessary to apply these fantastic systems in real life combative situations. Tactics and skills necessary for disarming weapons (knives, clubs, sticks and guns) are included. Scenarios include multi-opponent situations.


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