Brown Institute Mission

Martial Arts have been practiced since the beginning of time. Combative skills were a necessity for survival. Whether you were fighting for your family, tribe or nation, combative skills saved your life. The same is true today in this age of assault and violence. However, ancient monks not only used these methods for survival, but for the development of the mind and body.

Great amounts of strength, stamina and flexibility are developed through the practice of the Martial Arts. This committed effort produces a calm mind, positive self-image and self-discipline. It is easy to see why warriors and monks used the Martial Arts as a path to self-development. Our school is committed to preservation and further development of combative skills. Focused and constant practice of such skills can only lead to your mental and physical growth. Thus our mission statement:

To preserve, further develop and integrate full spectrum combative systems in conjunction with the advancement of the individuals physical, mental and spiritual attributes and to remember and honor the spirit of all warriors.


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