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Brown Institute Self-Defense - Tatics

Brown Institute Self-Defense - Tatics

Self-Defense Tactics

Self Defense - Assault Prevention and Tatics

In this age of assault and predator culture, your need for self-defense has never been greater. Our proven program of techniques, tactics and mental preparation will be your path to self-confidence. The physiology of assault is thoroughly examined and explored, from victim selection/prevention, attacker/victim interview, to the tactics you need to defend yourself and escape. The emotional and bio-chemical response of your body is simulated in life-like assault scenarios using full body amour. This allows you an opportunity to practice real life/full force impacting tactics and escapes. You do have the strength to defend yourself. Through proper body mechanics, leverage principles, and mental tools you develop incredible power. Empower yourself with your greatest weapon, confidence. Private/semi-private instruction, as well as course instruction is available.


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